Update On The Health Emergency Program

A major thing happened in the history of WHO that they have agreed to the transformation in the WHO’s history by establishing brand new Health Emergencies Program. This program adds operational benefits for humanitarian emergencies to go by its traditional and normative roles. The program has been designed in such a way that it can deliver predictably, speedy support to the countries and communities in need as they get prepare to face, for or recover from any emergency situations which is as a result of any hazard that can be dangerous to human health.

No matter whether it is a disease, natural calamities or human-made conflicts or disasters. WHO will now be providing the leadership within the limits of International Health Regulations no matter whether it is related to disaster management system or broader humanitarian. WHO will now try to strengthen and will get the expertise of the partners and other member states.

For the new agreement and the fulfillment of the responsibilities, the members have prepared and agreed on a budget of around $494 million for the 2016-2017 program. There is another amount of $160 million allowed for the emergency situations where WHO will work. This budget was welcomed by the delegates who have made the new health emergency program. They have also noted the timeline and the new implementation plan.

There is an Independent and Advisory committee formed for the new program. The delegates encouraged the current collaboration with UN to align the outbreaks and for any biological emergencies within the Interagency Committee capacity. The delegates requested the Director-General of WHO to inform about any progress in the establishment or the operation of the program. The WHO people have published the information of the accountable person if anyone needs any advice. They can directly contact the WHO people as their mobile numbers were also published.

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