Sports Court Stick On To The Ban

In the latest Rio Olympics, the sports court has put a ban on Russia’s track asking to discipline the Russian teams. The Association of Athletics Federations had barred Russia’s team from participating at the summer games which is going to be held in Rio next month the reason being that of a cheating plot which the investigators found by the forensic evidence and with the help of computer records.

When Russia made an appeal, the sports court said that the penalty given was legally sound. With only two weeks left for the opening ceremony in Rio, the Olympic committee had made the decision of taking measures to sports federation. The appeal court considered the nature of the case and because of this the verdict was unanimous. The court said that the full decision would be issued shortly.

The sports minister of Russia said that the decision made by the court had affected honest athletes and clean athletes. Because of this ban, the council invited the other Russian athletes to compete individually and gave the option to be in part to protect themselves against court challenges. So far, two of the Russian athletes have given clear chit to compete in Rio. The athletes are a long jumper and a runner; both of them live in the United States. The federation said the other athletes could not compete in Rio.

Russia won 8 gold medals in the 2012 summer Olympics. A total of 18 medals were won by Russia in the 2012 summer Olympics. If the ban remains, it will be difficult for the Russian athletes even to dream about a medal. The federation does not have much experience in seeking for justice in doping cases. Major people have been flying to Rio and Russia to request to uplift the ban on the athletes.

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