Junkyard Revolutions That Transform The Battery-Operated World

Not many battery companies would like this invention now. Mr. Pint from the Vanderbilt University developed a grid-scale, high performing battery. The assistant professor from the mechanical engineering stream had collected metal scrap and chemicals to evolve the battery. The battery is indeed a vibrant and innovative approach to bypass the large industrial production. It is easy to construct and powerful too. Moreover, it can be delivered straight to the people. Pint’s vision was to develop the community for the better. With a lot of materials on the internet to construct a machine, the process seems to become simpler which has led to greater innovations.

Mr. Pint along with his students wanted to experiment with the creation of batteries since there were not much information on producing them. Together they wanted to design videos that describe the step by step processes of building a battery. He was also curious to receive feedbacks so that improvements can be made. He solicited help even from an average person because it was an open source approach. Pint’s team derived inspirations from the Baghdad Battery, a significant ancient technology. A copper sheet, an iron rod, and a terracotta pot was utilized. It was combined with chemicals to form the electrolyte. Pint used similar materials for his battery.

He used brass, steel, and a jar to build the battery. A solution was prepared using water and salt. Pieces of brass and steel were soaked in that solution. Pint and his team further applied voltage. The process is known as anodization. It rearranges the microscopic composition of the metal. The interior surfaces of the metallic pieces become receptive to energy accumulation. It can store as well as release energy. Mr. Pint then separated steel and brass with the help of a physical barrier. The setup was finally immersed in the electrolyte solution comprising potassium hydroxide and water. On connecting with wires, the battery generated current and performed well.

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