The Dawn Of The Hobbit

In 2004 the world was shocked by hearing the name of the ancient 1-meter tall human who is nicknamed as ‘The Hobbit.’ Scientists selected more fossil for confirmation. The scientists have spent so many years in researching this in the hope that they might find a separate species and will resolve the mystery behind the origins. So they started searching in the Indonesian islands, and all that they could find was animal bones, in huge numbers but no human fossils, till date.

This week, the team made an announcement that tiny hominin specimens were found on Flores and the specimens were isolated teeth and a jaw fragment. After careful studies, scientist says that it should date 700000 years ago when there were thousands of hobbits and also were pretty small, about 20% smaller. Scientists say that it is an amazing thing to see something that is 700000 years old.

Some researchers said that they were expecting to get a large fossil however they could only find some fossils of those tiny humans. Years ago, a Catholic priest and an archaeologist found some stone tools, however, no was ready to believe them then.However, the researchers are giving importance to this findings. The decay of the fossil is due to humid climate, and so the team had a tough time in digging the landscape. The complete digging was done with the help of 120 students and the other local workers in 10 different field seasons.

When the project was about to reach the finalization, the workers were paid off. One of the workers found the tooth and the jaw part followed by five more teeth of which two were baby teeth. Scientists confirmed that the jaw is an adult. The researchers said that they will research on the fossils completely and will give the necessary information.

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