Understanding The Need And Effectiveness Of Flossing

Flossing has so far been insisted by the federal government as well as the dentists to prevent gum disease and cavities. It was also claimed to protect the teeth. But, now with the recent guidelines provided by the Departments of Agriculture, Health and Human Services things seem to differ. In the latest press release, the American Academy of Periodontology have expressed the inadequacy of flossing to restore gum health. There was less conformational evidence to support. As per the reports, there were no significant research studies to claim that flossing prevents periodontal disease or cavities. And, the open secret was finally let out.

Previously in a randomized study that was conducted during 2011, there were a few weak pieces of evidence. Flossing regularly for six months reduced the incidence of plaque formation. However, they could not bring out trustworthy clinical studies to support the efficacy of flossing. It did not prevent the formation of cavities. Professor Dr. Philippe Hujoel, from the department of oral health sciences, University of Washington stated that the benefits of flossing are still not proven substantially. More research is required to link flossing with the prevention of dental decay. However, the American Dental Association states that brushing and flossing are necessary to protect your gums and teeth.

There are a few mediocre proofs that suggest flossing can reduce gingivitis. But, the quality of the research studies was found to be low. Flossing can only reverse gum problems in the initial stages. The experts say that it cannot prevent the bone loss in the case of periodontal disease. Inflammation in the gum progresses to other dental diseases despite flossing. Dr. Wayne Aldredge, who leads the American Academy of Periodontology says that flossing cannot prevent the periodontal disease. It is a slow and deceptive tooth problem which requires five to ten years for development. Thus, more accurate studies are needed to support the benefits of flossing.

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